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Install eFlexPlus, fill up with E85, and Drive – that’s it! It has never been easier (or safer) to harness the performance of E85:

  • Drive on E85, Gasoline, or any blend of the two
  • Fully Automatic: No tuning, changing maps, or adjustments required
  • Choose between Eco, Dynamic, & Sport Driving Modes, adjust cold-start fueling, monitor Ethanol content and Duty Cycle, and more via smartphone with our eFlexApp
  • “Under-the-hood” installation that doesn’t touch your factory ECU, OBD, or trigger a Check Engine Light
  • We verify your vehicle’s E85 compatibility, including fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel lines, and any modifications done
  • Everything needed to run E85 & DIY install is included
  • Make more power, lower operating temperatures, and reduce emissions on E85!

The eFlexPlus E85 flex fuel kit automatically adjusts and optimizes fueling based on the E85 mix in your tank, eliminating knock and maximizing engine performance in the process. eFlexPlus is the easiest way to convert your vehicle to a true flex fuel, E85-or-Gasoline capable vehicle. You will make more power with our eFlexPlus kit, however for those looking to fine tune their fueling, we recommend taking a look at our eFlexPro kit.