Solid cab mounts

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Our solid cab mounts are designed for those that are pushing the limits of their trucks. We highly recommend solid cab and motor/ trans mounts when running a full long travel suspension and when caging a vehicle. Factory mounts are great at keeping noise and vibration to a minimum, however with our experience we have seen these areas develop cracks and damage. Factory mounts have to much movement allowing items such as motor trans and cab to move more than we would like in the desert. Limiting the cab and drivetrain movement provides smoother power delivery to the tires, drivers connection to the vehicle, and most importantly improves the safety of driver and passenger. When caging a vehicle with factory mounts, the cage will stay stationary with the cab rattling around it. The cab will want to occupy the same  real estate as the cage is currently occupying. Making the cab solid to the frame insures the two do not interfere with each other, and insuring a happier relationship between the cage and the cab will less damage caused to both.